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Mar 10, 2016
Updated Understand Scoring site coming Summer 2016!

Welcome Virginia Educators

Welcome to Perspective and Understand Scoring. Understand Scoring provides you with valuable insight into the constructed response scoring process.

Understand Scoring has been revised with the Virginia 2010 Standards of Learning. In this module, you will gain a greater understanding of the essay scoring process by examining sample professionally scored papers. The domains and rubrics reflect the 2010 English Writing Standards. The system covers Learn About Scoring and Anchor Papers. Practice Scoring for practice sets and verification sets are now available.

View the Educator's User Guide for a comprehensive overview of Perspective.

Understand Scoring

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This program is designed to help you

  • Gain a better understanding of the Virginia 2010 SOL Writing Assessments for grade 5, grade 8, and High School
  • Understand the use of rubrics in scoring student writing
  • Develop consistency in scoring actual student work
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